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Wanna Be On TV?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

The internet is king and while everyone is running to online platforms to gain an audience, television continues to be a major medium in for viewership. Think about it…we still somehow believe that being featured on TV makes us special and important. Many times, when I consult with clients to find out their media goals the first thing they say is, “Of course I want to be on TV…” they almost never say they want to be featured online. They welcome any media coverage, but they definitely hang their hats on a TV appearance.

So, what can you do to get your name and face on the small screen? One of the recommendations that I often offer is for my clients to sign-up for Help a Reporter Out or HARO. Help A Reporter Out is a free subscription service that allows you to get twice daily updates on interview opportunities in media. The service allows journalists, producers, writers, media planners, bookers, and a host of media related leaders to post their need for experts or stories and if you fit in with a request, you can message them and potentially end up with an interview opportunity. This is great for people who are carving themselves out as an influencer, expert, thought leader or consultant in a given industry. For example, in my evening HARO email today, I saw a request for an MD to talk about common COVID myths and a request for a chef or food expert who can answer questions on kiwis…it’s random but HARO helps journalists find the missing pieces to the stories that they want to share.

Here is a link to their website Sign-up is free. Just be prepared to receive morning and evening emails and check your spam filter if you sign-up and your twice daily message doesn’t hit your inbox.

As always, I am here to offer help with all your PR and marketing needs. Thanks for reading---leave a comment and thanks for joining the #missprandmarketingsquad.

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