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The Body Prayer

Updated: Jan 11, 2023

I recently shared a prayer on social media on @MissPRandMarketing. It's no secret my faith is important to me. It is central to who I am. I was led to share a prayer on being grateful for our bodies. At the start of every year, many of us take a long hard look at what we would like to perfect in our lives. We assess all the things we would like to change, and we put intention, and action behind walking out that change. Often times, the change that we would like to achieve is around how we look. We focus on fixing our bodies. Well, what if for one year, we said thank you to God for the bodies that He so thoughtfully put us in. He fearfully made us and fearfully means that he made us with bated breath. You are wonderfully made which means that you were made marvelously and superbly. If we could just stop and say 'thank you' we could become better--- not from a starting point of imperfection but from a place of total appreciation. I hope this prayer blesses you. KHJ Happy '23

Lord, I thank you today for my life. I thank you for my spirit, my soul and this body that houses both. I thank you for my body. It is a body that is perfect because it works. I thank you for the painstaking time and meticulous attention to detail that you took to make me. As your Word says in Psalm 139:14; I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, and I know that full well.

Abba, I thank you for my brain that is fully functional, healthy, and strong. I thank you that it is a powerful and dynamic think center that controls my thoughts, creativity and the mechanics of my body. It is more agile and incredible than any of the fastest computer processors on the planet. I thank you that all the neurons and cells in my brain are fully operational and running on high capacity. Thank you that anything that I put my mind to, will be accomplished. Thank you for designing such a unique brain in me because it allows me to see the world differently from others around me. I thank you that my brain controls everything in my body and everything in my body is running smoothly.

Lord, thank you for my head which holds my gorgeous face. My face which radiates the light, awesomeness and beauty of God. Thank you for my hair that grows effortlessly from my scalp and grows in abundance and endless splendor. Thank you for my forehead that separates my hair from my face and helps others to understand how I am truly feeling with a single movement. Thank you for my eyes so that I can see the magnificence of this world that you have created for me to succeed in and enjoy. I thank you for these eyes that allow me to see the beauty of this world, celebrate the beauty of others, and even enjoy this lovely face that you have created on me. Thank you for my nose that breathes in fresh air and also brings new oxygen to my lungs and blood cells. Thank you for my nostrils that take in the Ruach of God, your breath, your Spirit that you blew into our lungs first. Thank you for my mouth that allows me to communicate, smile, and it houses my teeth which allows me to eat for energy and enjoyment. Thank you for my ears which allow me to hear the sweet music of the birds and the voices of the people I love, but most importantly to hear your voice and my own. Thank you, God, for my neck that holds up my head and allows me to turn from right to left and look up and down. Thank you, Lord, for my shoulders which holds up my arms and stabilizes my neck. I thank you for my chest that protects my vital organs. I thank you for my breasts that are healthy and can nurture. I thank you for my heart that pumps blood throughout my body. Thank you that it is a strong muscle. Thank you for my lungs. They pump fresh oxygen throughout my body and keep my breath in rhythm with you and helps to keep my body alive. Thank you for my stomach that processes all the foods that I eat. Thank you for my excretory system that releases nutrients to my body and rids it of anything it doesn't need or isn’t beneficial. Thank you for my pancreas. Thank you for my liver that purifies my blood and my kidneys which cleanses waste from my body. Thank you, Lord, for my ribs which protect my organs and help to hold my upper body. Thank you for my reproductive organs that work correctly according to the way you designed them. Thank you for my spine which holds up my back, my neck, and connects my upper body to my lower body. Thank you for my thighs which support my upper body and for my knees which allow my legs to go from right to left and kneel before you. Thank you for my calves, ankles, and feet. Thank you, Lord, for my glorious feet which take me wherever I need to go and follow the steps that you tell me to take. Thank you for my toes that help me stand firm. Thank you for my arms, elbows, wrists, hands, and finger tips. I thank you for these lovely delicate fingernails which help to protect my hands and allow me to showcase my individuality with the world. Thank you for my nerves, my nervous system, my glands, my muscles, ligaments, and tendons. Thank you for my veins and blood cells. Thank you for the largest organ on my body which is my skin. Thank you that it is beautiful, resilient, impressive, and vibrant. Lord, I thank you for this glorious and amazing body because it IS fearfully and wonderfully made! I love it and I love you for making it. I thank you because you make wonderful things. I thank you because you do not make mistakes and I thank you that you see me as beautiful and in perpetual perfection because of your Son Jesus Christ. I love you Lord and I thank you for creating me in your image. I am radiant and exquisite because you are too. Thank you in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ, Amen. -By God shared through Kaliah Henton-Jones

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