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Don't be Afraid to Use the Power of the @

When I started this blog a few months back, I envisioned a place where the MissPRandMarketing Squad could get together, get more in-depth insights and be able to apply it to whatever they wanted to see grow. We are fortunate that we get to live in a time where there is a gamut of creativity available on social media. Everyone has a unique way of seeing and presenting the world through the lens of their expertise and their talents. We see posts that are riddled with hashtags---all hoping to take advantage of the stream already flowing with their audience intact---but it is not often that I see people using the power of the "@" to help push their message along.

When you use the "@" it helps to bring your message above the tide. It brings it closer to a specific company, group or person whom you want to have an experience with your content. It's like the seafoam on a wave. It brings your message right to shore. I recently had an experience where I did a brief video and highlighted a company that I believe can help people when they are seeking media contacts. When I posted the video, I used the power of the "@" to share the message. I didn't know what the outcome would be, but the company noticed and sent me a DM to say thanks for the mention. They even went a step further and shared my message on their social media pages---garnering me a few additional followers. Think about how powerful this really is---we can now touch each other in such a resonant way that we probably could not achieve through a phone call or a meeting. The thing is---on social---others are watching and absorbing your message and also elevating it. This all comes with the power of the "@." The thing about an "@" is that it almost demands action from the whomever is on the receiving end.

The funny thing is along with connecting with this company and being published on their social media account, I also engaged with them about the possibility of future opportunities, and they were open to it!

I say all of this to say that when we are on social media adding value, sharing our perspectives or expertise we also can create dynamic and amplifying relationships that are mutually beneficial. Sooo....don't be afraid to use the power of the "@"

Be strategic with it, weave it into your social media arsenal and make sure that your use of the "@" aligns with your brand or messaging. I had a follower this week reach out on DM to say that they liked the post that I made about not being afraid to @ a brand, company or personality. The business owner shared that they were just getting started and my post confirmed something that they should be employing to get their message to the right audience. I'm always glad that I to help!

So, before you dream up your next post don't forget to think about whom or what you will @!

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