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Welcome to the MissPRandMarketing Blog

I learned really early on that it doesn't matter what you do, if people don't know that you do it. I grew up with a strong gift of communication. I studied communications in high school, college and grad school. After years of working in a television newsroom, I discovered so many people wanted to be on TV to promote themselves, their business, product or service. They just did not fully understand how the process worked. When I left television, I became hyper focused on helping people amplify their message and getting the media to pay attention to what they do.

In the years since, I have realized many people remain undereducated about what exactly is public relations and how it differs from marketing. I also realized some did not know which one they needed to help tell their story and get people in the door to increase their bottom line.

I also grew up with a mom who was a serial entrepreneur (she remains one today). She did countless businesses over the years and while there were times when some of her businesses, which ranged from a massage therapy business to a dance school, the overarching challenge was getting people to know about what she was doing. The obstacle of creating successful messaging and building the relationships that would attract the eyeballs and ultimately bring the money was always looming in the background. This was one of the experiences that shaped my desire to help people who were trying to spread their message to the world.

The goal of MissPRandMarketing is to help people understand PR and marketing and to make it more accessible. I'll help you demystify the process of learning. It doesn't matter what you are trying to promote, I will share products and services that will help you with your PR and marketing efforts. On these pages I'll also share hacks for the average joe and also PR and marketing pros. It'll also be a place where PR and marketing companies can come and share their products and services that could take your message to a whole new level. I'll also share my personal learnings and experiences along the way.

Thank you for joining the MissPRandMarketing Squad. If you have questions or would like to make a request for bookings email or I'm always here to help.

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I am so excited about the learning and growing that will come from this blog!

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