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How to Write a Banging Press Release?

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

I'm here to tell you the press release is not dead. While some people may argue over its effectiveness, it is still a very powerful tool to get messages to larger audiences with one click of a button. But before you get to sending out a press release---lots of people are stuck on how to write a good one. If you are one of those people, then you've come to the right place.

Let's breakdown what makes a great press release. At the end of the day, you want the reader to know exactly what you want them to know about what it is that you are announcing. That means you don't want to leave any key information out and you don't want to make it boring or wordy. This is my step-by-step guide on writing a release that will grab attention and get your information out to much larger audience.

Step 1: In your first paragraph, you'll want to list the who, what, when, where, why and how about your announcement. You'll want to do this because---in all reality most people won't get to the body of your release so you'll want to lay it all out in the first paragraph. As a former TV news producer, I can attest to not reading entire releases. I would read the first paragraph and then scan for supporting details and links. I did not have the time to read every single line of releases that were sent to me on a daily basis. It was routine to receive hundreds each day.

Step 2: In your second paragraph you'll want to add more details. If it is an event share who will participate outside of the organizer, if it is the launch of a book---this is where you'll share about the author's background, or if this is an announcement about a company acquisition you will share why this venture was so important and how it will bolster the new face of your company. To give this paragraph insert quotes from the organizer, author or company CEO based on the hypothetical scenarios listed above.

Step 3: In your third paragraph you can include more supportive details. If you are a social media influencer who is branding yourself and your channel, this is where you may want to mention details about your sponsorship or brand ambassador relationship or any upcoming projects. It wouldn't hurt to put in your own quote to share your excitement about the opportunity.

Step 4: In your fourth paragraph this is where you close out your release. Put finalizing details, ticketing information if it's an event, parking details if that's necessary and of course historical information about the personality, brand, event, company or promotion that you are sharing with the general public. Most importantly, this is where you insert web links or QR codes.

Here are some things to avoid: do not make your release more than one page. It won't get read. Keep your main idea, your main idea. Avoid being all over the place. Have more than one person review your work to ensure accuracy and clarity. After all, your release will be sent on the news wires for national, international or company wide distribution. Here's also one nugget of advice. Write your headline last. It will come to you quickly once your release has been written. Avoid wasting time trying to come up with a headline in the beginning.

Hope this helps. As always, I'm here for you with more PR and marketing tips, tricks and advice. Follow the @MissPRandMarketing blog powered by Henton Jones Media for more great information.

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